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Security and Speed: Optimizing Services Juridiques Denis Monette Inc.

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Services Juridiques Denis Monette Inc. – or Denis Monette Legal Services Inc. – is a labour law firm based in Montreal. Its owner and one of the firm’s lawyers, Denis Monette, had major problems with the tech solutions in his office. When it began affecting Services Juridiques Denis Monette Inc.’s (SJDM) internal communications, he knew something had to give and reached out to Kearns Technology Inc. (KTI) for help.

For a law office, Monette notes that “efficiency is the number one thing [to enable] productivity. To be able to rely on our computers; it’s a law firm so it is important for us.”

The Client’s Challenge

For SJDM, communications and efficiency are paramount. Having flakey tech that slows you down or makes it impossible to access files in the field both slows down work and limits the amount of clients you can see. With the old system, emails just wouldn’t show up. Lawyers missed meetings because they didn’t receive the invite and Monette ended up spending several hours a week helping his colleagues deal with the dilapidated system. He “would go to work and one of the lawyers would come up to me and go ‘Denis, I’m having these problems, can you help me?” He looked to multiple companies for help but they said a fix just wasn’t possible.

“Efficiency is the number one thing [to enable] productivity. To be able to rely on our computers…is important for us.”

– SJDM owner, Denis Monette

On top of this, Monette had no insight into the quality or reliability of his backup and disaster recovery solutions. In the event of a catastrophe, he might have lost all his data, which would be devastating for SJDM and its clients.

Our Solution

KTI’s solution was a series of methodical steps taken to identify and tackle each of the law firm’s technology problems.

Internal Communications

Work began with the buggy email system. KTI migrated the existing communications to Office 365. At this point internal communications became reliable. Emails reached their destination and scheduling was no longer an issue.

Assessing the Situation

With internal communications sorted, KTI received permission to do an audit of every other service in the SJDM office. Issues were identified with the office Wi-Fi, network security, backups and backup reporting. On top of that, there was little to no feedback available on the status of backups and disaster recovery preparedness.

Working with the Client

From here, KTI met with the stakeholders at the law firm and established the new security standards. This solidified purchasing decisions and compliance. New processes were put into effect, which included ensuring all data is password protected from now on.

New Hardware

With the client requirements in place and the audit complete, KTI carried out the purchasing plan. An on-site server was acquired and installed at the firm. Datto was implemented on SJDM’s network and a Sonicwall VPN Router was installed for secure and reliable Wi-Fi.

Backups and Security

At this stage, the network was up and running and the server was installed. This allowed for KTI to fix authentication and get VPN working. Remote access was configured with the VPN, another critical step for the firm.

In addition to these security steps, disaster recovery was properly set up in the office. Backups are now performed automatically every five minutes and offsite backups to the data center have infinite retention. On top of this, antivirus is running on the backups, ensuring viruses are caught before the data is stored. Backup reporting is automated ensuring the firm can rest easy that recovery from a disaster is possible, if ever it comes to that.


Due to the in-depth audit and collaborative planning with the client, install and ramping up was a quick and painless process. In all, Services Juridiques Denis Monette Inc. went from being hampered by technology to being empowered by it in a scant 4 days.


The success of this work has had a profound effect on work life at SJDM. Emails reach their destination and because of that there is less lost time and no missed meetings. This has lead to more billable hours and the ability to focus on clients instead of fighting technology. For Monette, it’s a huge improvement. “I go in the office and I know it’s going to work.”

“I go in the office and I know it’s going to work…it’s 100% better. It’s night and day.”

– SJDM owner, Denis Monette

Working remotely is also functional and secure now which has allowed one of SJDM’s lawyers to work remotely from Spain. Backups are regular and reported on and both the office server and the data center will be there in the event of a disaster.

According to owner, Denis Monette, it’s “100% better. It’s night and day. It’s reliable. Every time we go online, it works.”

About us

Kearns Technology Inc. is an agile, solutions-based company established in 2010. Started in the corner of a living room, it has grown into a team of creative and highly technical minds tackling some of the toughest and exciting challenges in the industry.

KTI has developed a suite of education management tools and gamified training simulations using the latest graphics engines and industry-standard software.

Meanwhile, in-house R&D initiatives include experimenting with machine learning, audio recognition technologies, and augmented and virtual reality. Its experience touches the education, transportation and financial sectors. Team KTI comprises of advanced developers and cutting edge new technology specialists whose skills overlap between physics, artificial intelligence, complex databases, back-end architecture, apps and design.

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