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Kearns Technology Inc. is an agile, solutions-based company established in 2010. Started in the corner of a living room, it has grown into a team of creative and highly technical minds tackling some of the toughest and exciting challenges in the industry.

KTI has developed a suite of education management tools and gamified training simulations using the latest graphics engines and industry-standard software. Meanwhile, in-house R&D initiatives include experimenting with machine learning, audio recognition technologies, and augmented and virtual reality.

Its experience touches the education, transportation and financial sectors. Team KTI comprises of advanced developers and cutting edge new technology specialists whose skills overlap between physics, artificial intelligence, complex databases, back-end architecture, apps and design.

Our Team

Hector Kearns

CEO, Founder

Matt White


Dominic Antonelli

Manager, Back-End

Wilbur Huang

Manager, Front-End

Troy Woods

Manager, Creative

Tyler Muehlen

Senior 3D Artist

Alex Smithers

Senior 3D Developer

Chris Hodge

Full-Stack / 3D Developer

James Speedy


Lucia Annunziata

3D Developer

David Boon

3D Developer

Alexksey Sergeyev

Back-End Developer

David Muir

Full-Stack Developer

Artem Loshkov

Front-End Developer

Rob MacKenzie

Managed Services

Sean Champion

Managed Services

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